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Energy Labeling of Gas Appliances

Energy labels can be found on gas space heaters (AS4553 and AS4556) and gas water heaters (both storage and instantaneous) (AS4552). Gas energy labels are similar in format to those found on electrical appliances, except they are blue in colour and with annual energy shown in MJ. The gas labelling program is currently an industry voluntary scheme that was once managed by the Australian Gas Association (AGA). A review of the scheme is under way by the Gas Industry and Governments. Note that the AGA is no longer responsible for publishing standards. This organisation now provides accredited product certification services with respect to the gas, electrical and plumbing sectors within Australia.

Energy tests, label requirements and relevant performance requirements are specified in following standards:
Star Rating Label• AS 4551 (AG 101) Domestic Gas Cooking Appliances
• AS 4552 (AG 102) Gas Water Heaters
• AS 4553 (AG 103) Gas Space Heating Appliances
• AS 4554 (AG 104) Gas Laundry Dryers
• AS 4555 (AG 105) Domestic Gas Refrigerators
• AS 4556 (AG 106) Indirect gas-fired ducted air heater
• AS 4557 (AG 107) Domestic Outdoor Gas Barbecues
• AS 4558 (AG 108) Decorative gas log fires and other fuel effect appliances


These standards can be purchased from SAI Global at: