Rinnai manifold system


Commercial Hot Water Systems

Continuous Flow Manifold Systems are ideal for commercial applications.  When your client needs a large quantity of hot water that never runs out, one of the best solutions is a system combining continuous flow hot water units with a manifold system.


Bosch Manifold Systems

Bosch manifold systemBosch 32 models have the ability to be linked in series with a manifold. For 2 units, there is a quick connection cable that can be used to allow the units to share the work load. 3 to 6 units can be used in rotation with a fully electronic rotation system controller for electronic staging. The system controller allows the work load to be shared evenly between the manifolded units. The units can be installed internally or externally. Up to 24 units can be linked electronically with multiple manifold packs.


Rinnai Manifold Systems

Rinnai 4 Unit Manifold SystemThe Rinnai Heavy Duty series of continuous flow hot water units can also be connected with a manifold system.  2 to 25 Heavy Duty continuous flow water heaters plumbed together to allow higher flow rates than a single unit can provide. Staging systems are designed so that only the required number of heaters start to match the desired hot water flow rate.  A Manifolded Electronic Control System uses the water flow valve inside the heater to control its operation. The firing sequence is rotated every tenth shutdown. A single water controller can control the entire manifold.


Raypak BoilerRaypak Commercial Boilers

Raypak boilers have for decades consistently led the industry in engineering innovations and quality improvements. Design simplicity plus quality materials, carefully assembled, have given Raypak a solid reputation for reliability. For example, all Raypak Hot Water Supply Boilers are equipped with Bronze Headers, for totally rust free systems. 


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Large Rinnai Manifold System