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LPG Express Lead Program for You

An important part of the LPG Express™ programme is a lead scheme to send customers to you.

Elgas is Australia's largest marketer of LPG appliances.  Every year we have over one million Australian consumers visiting our web site at precisely the time when they are looking to purchase and install new LPG or natural gas appliances.

TradeFinder mapThis is where you come in!

When you register for the LPG Express programme, we include you in our exclusive Trade Finder™ map program. 

This is an example of what our web visitors see when they search for a tradesman or appliance retailer.  They simply enter their city or post code and they find the nearest registered LPG Express participants.  All they do is click on the map pin icon to get your contact details.







There are 3 different versions of the Trade Finder™ map:

Complete Plumber/Gas Fitter Listing - This list will include all plumbers and gas fitters in the LPG Express programme.

Rinnai Plumbers - This list includes all plumbers who are part of the Rinnai plumber programme.  Please contact your Rinnai representative to become a Rinnai plumber.

Bosch Plumbers - This list includes all plumbers who are part of the Bosch plumber programme.  Please contact your Bosch representative to become a Bosch plumber.

Links to each Trade Finder map will be placed on the associated pages.  For example, the link to the Rinnai plumber list will be the one shown on all web pages dealing with Rinnai products.


registerBest of all, there are no strings attached:

♦ You do not need to purchase your appliances through Elgas, although we are happy to offer you great trade pricing on our entire range of LPG appliances.

You do not need to sign any contract to join and you can leave the programme at any time.  You just register online.

♦ You get Customised Bonus Certificates to give to your customers, at no cost to you.

The natural gas leads are our bonus to you!

All we ask is that you recommend Elgas to your LPG customers as their LPG supplier, give the Bonus Certificates to your qualified customers and call our LPG Express Hot Line number for gas if you are doing a new installation.  It's that simple.