E2G Special Pricing


Special Pricing for Your Hot Water Clients


There's never been a better time for your customers to switch from Electric to Gas - E2G!  
Now they get special LPG pricing when they switch from electric hot water to LPG gas hot water.

Locked Price Gas♦  Special E2G LPG pricing with Locked Price Gas   

♦  Program pricing is locked and only adjusted once a year

♦  To qualify they must have switched from electric to LPG hot water

♦  They simply request E2G pricing within 90 days of switching to LPG

♦  E2G is available to all new and existing Elgas residential customers

♦  Current customers just add hot water to their existing appliances

♦  Pricing applies to all the LPG gas they use inside their home

♦  They do not need to purchase the hot water unit from Elgas

Be sure to remind them to ask for "E2G Pricing" when they order their LPG