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Benefits of EasyGas DownUnder for Your Clients

AIDA awardEasyGas DownUnder is an LPG storage system specially designed for underground installation, both residential and commercial.  The product consists of a two-piece polyethylene exterior canister, a hot dipped galvanised steel 90kg capacity cylinder, a special automatic fill limiting valve and a fire resistant lid.  EGDU is the first underground LPG storage system designed for residential and light commercial applications. 

Elgas were recognised with the presentation of an Australian International Design Award for EasyGas DownUnder™, an innovative LPG underground storage system.

Presented by Standards Australia, the Australian International Design Awards recognise superior design and innovation in Australia and provide consumers with an independent indicator of quality and value for professionally designed products available on the Australian market.

The prestigious honours were awarded to Elgas for EasyGas DownUnder, the first and only underground storage system for residential and light commercial applications. Along with the revolutionary design, EasyGas DownUnder makes use of recycled and recyclable materials in its construction.  The judges commented "Why hasn't this been done before? A simple idea with an endless array of benefits."

♦ EasyGas DownUnder™ reduces ‘Eye Pollution’, through the elimination of exposed cylinders.  It also saves usable yard space and facilitates zero lot line installations.

First and foremost, EasyGas DownUnder is hidden from view, allowing for improved landscaping and aesthetics.  The unit is installed in a hole with the unit lid being flush with ground level, providing clean sight lines from all directions.
Putting the cylinder underground also saves valuable yard space, which is important with today’s more compact property dimensions.  It even allows installation on buildings with zero lot lines on both sides.  In a residential installation, it would typically reside under the front lawn.
EGDU is suitable for both new and retro-fit applications in both residential and commercial settings.

♦ EasyGas DownUnder provides enhanced safety and bush fire protection.

EasyGas DownUnder is specially designed for underground LPG storage with a strong emphasis on compliance and safety. EGDU below ground cylinders are safe from children, pets, and exceed all Australian compliances codes and safety standards.
Placement of the cylinder underground, combined with a flame retardant lid, provides added safety against bush fires.  In addition, it is safely away from all artificial ignition sources such as hot water pilot lights, air conditioner compressor motors and electrical power points, as required by code.

EasyGas DownUnder provides easy access for the refilling of cylinders on pre-determined schedules and the servicing of structures previously unserviceable with standard LPG installations.

With EasyGas DownUnder, the cylinder can be placed near the street property boundary to facilitate easy filling from an LPG delivery tanker.  Access problems, such as locked gates and unfriendly pets, are eliminated.   Even buildings with no side or backyard access, such as multi-unit homes and commercial structures, can now be serviced with LPG.  Multiple EGDU units can also be installed.
Tanker delivery, in lieu of cylinder exchange, also eliminates the need for the homeowner to order gas.  Tanker deliveries are scheduled automatically based on historical usage patterns of the residence.  Tanker deliveries are also more efficient, driving down costs.

♦ EasyGas Down Under units are easy to install.  Aside from an optional mechanised augur, no special equipment is required.

Being round in cross-section, an augured hole can be excavated for the insertion of the polyethylene canister.  The canister has horizontal corrugations to add strength, resist external soil pressures and to make the unit self-anchoring. 
To eliminate buoyancy, the unit is backfilled with a small quantity (0.14m3) of concrete and topped off with a fine grained aggregate. Minimal compaction is required for pedestrian traffic.
The 90kg cylinder goes inside the canister, with the void between the cylinder and canister being sand filled.  The cylinder is then secured with the upper canister locking mechanism, pipe connections made, and the lid secured.

♦ EasyGas DownUnder provides for numerous environmental benefits including reduction of carbon emissions, elimination of visual pollution, use of recycled materials and end-of-life recycling.

  • EasyGas DownUnder gives consumers an aesthetically pleasing option to coal generated electricity in areas without reticulated natural gas
  • EGDU removes an aesthetic disincentive to switch to a more eco-friendly fuel and reduce GHG emissions
  • A newly designed valve eliminates the venting of gas to atmosphere during refilling
  • EGDU utilises recycled polyethylene in its canister construction
  • All major EGDU components are fully recyclable

EasyGas DownUnder™ complies with all the requirements specified in AS/NZA 1596:2008 "The Storage and Handling of LP Gas".  The 90 Kg capacity LPG Cylinder is designed and approved for the use as an underground storage vessel. The welded steel cylinder is designed to AS 3577 for 3300 kPa proof pressure. The wall thickness of the cylinder is 4 mm (0.5 thicker than a normal cylinder) and the entire cylinder is hot dipped galvanised for additional corrosion protection.