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ELGAS LPG for agriculture

LPG for agriculture focused processes and businesses

From grain drying to flame weeding; commercial nursery operations to the farming of live stock, fruit and vegetables – LPG meets the energy needs of agricultural businesses operating in remote and regional off-grid locations.

When yield and efficiency is everything, consistent, controllable and economical heating and hot water is critical. Add the unique, near-complete combustion properties of LPG and the low risk of burning or contaminating produce, you can see why Australian agricultural operators use LPG for agriculture processes to meet their business energy needs.

LPG grain drying

Grain drying

High grade heat in large volumes to support post-harvest operations.

LPG powered greenhouse


Large area space heating for nurseries, greenhouses, stables and sheds.

LPG powered cattle barn

Live stock farming

Instantaneous hot water for sanitising live stock processing areas.

LPG flame weeding

Flame weeding

Highly controlled, chemical free weeding ideal for organic producers.

Looking for an LPG solution for your business?

Opt-in carbon neutral LPG for homes and businesses

Climate Active certification is an important step for ELGAS and our customers as we make the transition to Net Zero emissions by 2050.

As Australia’s largest supplier of LPG, we understand our responsibility to find renewable alternatives to fossil fuel energy sources while reducing our emissions - and the emissions of our customers - at the same time.

When you choose an opt-in carbon neutral LPG plan for your home or business, ELGAS will offset the carbon emissions of your LPG use. And by choosing an opt-in carbon neutral plan, you can play an important part in achieving Net Zero - today and into the future.

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