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Moving home with LPG from ELGAS is quick and easy. Whether you are taking across your existing ELGAS connection, already have one at your new home or are applying for a fresh connection, your friendly local ELGAS team will manage the entire set up for you.

Existing Customers

Want to continue using ELGAS LPG in your new home?

Are you Considering disconnecting your ELGAS LPG connection?

New to ELGAS

Have an LPG connection and need to order more gas?

Want to install a new LPG connection?

Why choose ELGAS?

Australia’s largest LPG provider

Easy online ordering

Free and reliable doorstep delivery from a branch near you*

Flexible plans to suit your needs

24/7 telephone and online assistance

*Delivery charges may apply for some select ELGAS Branches and Agents. Call your local ELGAS Team on 131 161 to confirm.

Whether you’re switching to or starting with ELGAS, our eBook will guide you to seamlessly set up ELGAS LPG in your home.